Business Innovation Stream (Subclass 188A) – Business Stream


  • An overall successful business career – a genuine and realistic commitment to be involved as an owner of a business in Australia.
  • Owned at least 30% of a business if the turnover is more than AUD$400,000 per annum or 10% for a public listed company
  • Turnover of at least AUD 750,000 any two years of the last four years.
  • Net assets of AUD 1,250,000 both you and your spouse combine
  • Business Points Test: 65 points.


  • Ability to work, live or study in Australia
  • Safe living environment and one of the highest standard of living in the world
  • Ability to bring eligible dependents.
    • Spouse or de facto partner
    • Dependent children under 18
    • Dependent children between 18 -23 years old
  • High Standard education and healthcare system.
  • No English requirement
  • Pathway to Citizenship.
    • Provisional > Permanent > Citizenship