Quebec Skilled Worker

The Quebec Government of Canada is given the authority to select applicants from all over the world to work in the province. This establishes Quebec’s very own standards and process in selecting skilled immigrants as compared to other provinces. To be eligible for this visa you will have to possess a profession that is highly on demand at the Quebec labour market. Some examples would include engineers, IT professions, etc. This list however is not exhaustive as it is constantly updated to reflect the current market demand – do drop us an enquiry to find out more.

  • Settle in Quebec with the goal of being employed there
  • Hold at least one diploma that corresponds, in the Quebec education system, to a Secondary School Diploma or a Diploma of Vocational Studies.
  • Familiar with French language is require.
  • Acquired training and occupational skills that will facilitate your integration into the job market.
  • The Quebec Skilled Worker Visa is based on a Pass Mark System shown below, please drop us an enquiry to find out how to calculate your pass mark.
  • Free Healthcare.
  • Subsidized Education.
  • Full Work Rights.
  • Permanent Resident status upon arrival in Canada with valid citizenship for 3 years.
  • Canada allows you to hold multiple citizenship.

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